Pet Health Insurance for VIPs

Spoil Your Pet with Pet Insurance

When most people think a pet is spoiled, they feel that it is getting too many treats, has too many expensive toys scattered around the ground or is allowed to sleep at night with its humans, usually taking up the entire bed hogging all the covers. I once even saw a pot-bellied pig so spoiled that its owners designed and built the tiny porker in its outhouse so it wouldn’t get cold answering nature’s call.

Japanese pet owners take their important pets to a whole new level. In Japan, well-loved pets enjoy aromatherapy, acupuncture, trips to the doggie spa where they a lovingly massaged, and in some cases, have personal trainers. 

It is well-known that we tend to spoil our pets because we love them. We want them to have the best of everything, but recent studies have shown that pampering our pets might do as much harm as good. One recent study from an undisclosed source claims that we make our beloved pets stupid by spoiling them. We are in a hurry to make their lives easier that we take away their need to solve problems independently. The less they have to lose their brains, the less they can do alone. This problem is prevalent in households where the dog seems to be running the show. What would happen to that pet if it had to think for itself?

A concern veterinarians have regarding spoiled pets is weight. The more spoiled the pet, the more obese it seems to become. Obesity can lead to later health issues that can decrease the pet’s life. For example, weight can affect the skeletal system until hip problems develop, obesity can cause respiratory and cardiac issues, and the extra pounds of fat constantly pushing on the joints can create stiffness and discomfort.  

It is not uncommon for veterinarians to see many spoiled pets as it enters the last few years of its life. The problem with older overweight pets is that they are more vulnerable to germs, bacteria, and viruses that can lead to endless trips to the vet every time they are brought to the vet clinic.

For the most part, the responsible owners caring for their pets don’t have to worry about the increasing number of visits to see a doctor. Most doting owners buy pet health care insurance during the early years of the pet’s life. As a result, all of the pet’s health care needs are essentially bought and paid for.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t see pet health insurance companies raising the rates for their VIP customers in a few years. One solution to the overweight, somewhat shallow house pet is the appearance of specialist animal slimming clinics. Pet owners can go to these clinics and learn about their pet’s nutritional needs and exercise programs to help the spoiled child start to shed some of those unnecessary pounds.